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Link Building: How to Promote Your Content as Link Bait

One of the toughest aspects of online promotion is creating compelling content. But the job doesn’t really end with the creation of compelling content, it actually begins from there. The next and the most vital stage for is enhancing and selling the content to create online visibility through link building and increased link popularity.

 Selling is an art and getting customers to your website needs a good online marketing strategy. An effective method of increasing online sales through getting new customers on your website is by reaching out to the right people. The priority is to identify your target audience and then reach out to them. The question is how can you effectively communicate to your target audience?

 The answer lies in meaningful link building also known as link popularity. You can promote your website content, give product or service specific information through linking that revolves around a sound revenue model. Let us look closely at the various ways of promoting content.

 Link Building Step#1:

Get a consultant who can help you to understand the important of selling content and also guide you in promoting it. Alternatively you can hire a firm who can provide good content writers, graphic designers and even programmers.

 There is a dual advantage: firstly, they will be able to develop rich content that will be able to create your website presence and secondly your business will also get mileage and visibility on the firm’s own website.

 The third benefit is that you will be able to enhance link building by linking your website to the consultant’s website or they can provide a backward or forward link from their website to yours. You can even use the name of the consultant or firm on your promotional material like press releases. This will add to the credibility of your project.

 Link Building Step#2: Emailers/Blogs/Article directories: This is an important aspect of building brand visibility. If you already have a mailing list then you can send it to all the people on the list. You can create link bait by adding your link in the email, so that they can visit your website and get more information.

 You can also entice people by offering discount coupons or creating loyalty programs with rewards and different schemes. This is a good way of laying link bait and then getting people to your website and increasing traffic as well as revenue. A very clever way to link baiting is to offer a freebie. For instance consider a mortgage site that may offer a payment calculator where visitors can calculate the monthly payment of a home purchase. A well promoted free offer will result in an increase a link popularity as web surfer may refer your site in forums with a link and prospect may use the calculator on your site and if your sites’ content is attractive enough you may end up converting a web surfer into a lead or a sale.

The second option for link building is to start a blog. Whether you are selling a service or product, you can always create a blog that will draw people out and where others can make comments. Adding a link to the blog will enhance link building as visitors will be able to visit your website.

 The third method of link building is through submission of articles in article directories or ezines. You can always add a link to your website and most of the article directories will let you submit articles for free. One of the premier article directories is

 Link Building Step#3 Social Responsibility: This has a very prominent place in the world of business today. You should create content that is effective, morally right and can provide the right impact. Use the content for link building by inserting your website URL and submit the content on strategic places like websites of non profit organizations.

 Link Building Step#4 Banners: You can use back banner exchange as a part of the link building process over the Internet. You can add your banners on the websites of non-profit organizations and other organizations and websites and create a back link through the banners to maximize traffic and create a positive brand building. The more interesting the content in the banner, the more people would be interested. You can add content on the banners and advertisements that will act as a link bait and direct the traffic or visitors to your website.

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